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Missing and Forcibly Disappeared Law No. 105:

Article 1:

1- The missing person: A person whose whereabouts are unknown to his relatives as a result of an international or non-international armed conflict, kidnapping, disaster, or any other reason.

2- The forcibly disappeared person: He is the missing person as a result of arrest, detention, kidnapping, or any form of deprivation of liberty carried out by state officials, groups, or persons, followed by a refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of the person’s liberty or concealment of his fate or whereabouts, which deprives him of protection. the law.

3- Family members: They are the descendants born within or outside the institution of marriage, adopted children, the son of one of the spouses from a previous marriage who was responsible for the “missing” or forcibly disappeared person, the husband or wife or ascendants no matter how high they are, including the stepmother or stepfather, Brother or sister and their children.

4- Associations representing family members: These are associations operating in Lebanon, in which at least a quarter of their members are family members of missing or forcibly disappeared persons, and whose goals include working to combat enforced disappearance or war missing persons.


5- The minimum data: This is data that consists of: the name and surname of the “missing” or “forcibly disappeared” person, place and date of birth, name of one of his parents, social status, profession, address, and reliable information about the circumstances of the interruption of news of him or his disappearance.